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Public Works

Amanda Reyes, Public Works Secretary


The Public Works Department for the City of Seminole plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the city’s infrastructure and services. Public Works provides the following services:

Streets and Signage:

The Public Works Department oversees the construction, maintenance, and repair of city streets. This includes ensuring road safety, addressing potholes, and maintaining traffic signs and signals.


  • Managing the city’s water supply system, including water treatment, distribution, and maintenance.
  • Ensuring safe and reliable water delivery to residents and businesses.


  • Maintaining and operating the sewer system to handle wastewater collection and treatment.
  • Ensuring proper disposal of sewage and protecting public health.

Municipal Waste Collection and Disposal Services:

  • Organizing regular waste collection services within the city limits.
  • Coordinating trash pickup and disposal to keep the community clean.

Landfill Services:

  • Overseeing the operation and maintenance of the city landfill.
  • Properly managing waste disposal and landfill facilities.

Maintenance of City Parks:

  • Caring for several city parks, ensuring they remain safe, attractive and functional.
  • Maintaining recreational areas, green spaces, and playgrounds.
  • Managing the Sports Complex to support community activities.

City Facilities Maintenance:

  • Responsible for the upkeep of all city-owned buildings, including:
    • City Hall
    • Community Center
    • M.S. Doss Youth Center
  • Regular inspections and repairs to ensure these facilities are safe and operational.

Permits and Inspections:

  • Handling permits related to construction, renovations, and other activities.
  • Conducting inspections to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.

The Public Works Department works diligently to enhance the quality of life for Seminole residents.