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Chet Clark, City of Seminole Mayor

Seminole has always been home. Growing up here, I saw firsthand the potential of this great town, and for the past 17 years I have had the honor of serving, as a council member and currently as your mayor, working to make that potential a reality.

My wife Tammy and I have two sons, Josh, and Eric, two wonderful daughters-in-law, Crystal and Melissa and four grandchildren, Rhett, Ramsey, Jackson and Lilly.

My vision is simple: to leave Seminole in a better place than I found it. That means focusing on the essentials – a reliable water supply, a strong infrastructure, and responsible growth that benefits all residents.

I know achieving these goals requires collaboration. Seminole can’t reach its full potential alone. That’s why I believe in working together with Gaines County, Seminole ISD, and Seminole Memorial Hospital. By fostering strong relationships and working towards shared objectives, we can all achieve more together.

As your mayor, I’m committed to open communication, transparency, and fiscal responsibility. Seminole’s future is bright, and I’m honored to be a part of it. Let’s continue working together to build a stronger, more vibrant Seminole for everyone.