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Steeped in History, Strong in Community: Welcome to Seminole, Texas

Seminole, Texas, isn’t your average West Texas town. Our story begins with the roaming days of the Comanche to the arrival of determined settlers.

Today, that rich past is woven into the fabric of our close-knit community, where tradition and innovation meet with a warm West Texas smile.

Founded in the early 1900s, Seminole quickly became a haven for pioneers seeking a new life on the frontier. More recently, the arrival of Mennonite communities added a unique cultural thread. Their dedication to hard work and faith is evident in the spirit of our town. Visitors to the local museums can delve deeper into this fascinating history and discover artifacts that tell the story of Seminole’s journey.

But Seminole isn’t just about the past. We’re a community that thrives on the present. Our friendly residents are always happy to welcome newcomers and share their love for our town. Local events bring us together, from lively rodeos to community barbecues under the wide-open West Texas sky. Leading the way, our forward-thinking city leaders are dedicated to ensuring Seminole’s prosperity, working on initiatives to attract new businesses, enhance infrastructure, and create a vibrant future for generations to come.

Seminole is also the heart of Gaines County’s thriving agricultural industry. Our fertile lands and strong work ethic have made us a leading producer of cotton, peanuts, and other crops.

Whether you’re looking to explore our heritage or become part of our welcoming community, Seminole offers a place to connect, grow, and experience the true spirit of West Texas.

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